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What Is Tech Neck?

tech neck pain holding phoneFrom texting to streaming, more people than ever spend many hours a day on their smartphones, experiencing the modern-day concern of tech neck. Tech neck is an anterior carriage, which means you carry the weight of your head forward or anteriorly. “As so many people spend hours a day on digital devices, tech neck is chronic across society,” said Dr Luke Hennessy (Chiropractor).

Stressing the Spine

While on their phones, tablets or other devices, people have their shoulders rolled forward, which puts the spine in a terrible situation. As a result, many patients come to see me with neck problems.

“We’re seeing lots of people with headaches and shoulder problems. However, what’s interesting is that when I am looking at the x rays of young people (mostly in their late 20s and early 30’s) there are early warning signs to suggest the shape of the vertebrae is starting to change,” said Dr Hennessy.

The vertebrae start to elongate in the anterior aspect of the vertebral body. Dr Hennessy has also seen this in teenagers. “I’ve seen people developing a spur that runs from the back of the occiput (the big lump that you can feel on the back of your skull). This means that the ligament that attaches to that lump on the back of the skull is turning into bone” he added.

According to Dr Hennessy, that’s an anatomical change that has not been seen in previous generations.

How to Make Corrections

Chiropractic adjustments can address tech neck, but it’s also critical to adopt proper posture to prevent tech neck in the future. Here are some tips to tackle tech neck:

  • Hold your phone or tablet at eye level
  • Take tech breaks
  • Strengthen and stretch your neck, chest, and upper back muscles
  • Monitor your posture

You don’t have to suffer from tech neck. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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