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Meet the Team

Our caring and passionate team is ready to help you and your family have a wonderful experience at our practice. Here’s a little bit more about who you may meet on our staff.
alpha-bar-w800pxLuke Hennessey chiropractor

Dr Luke Hennessy


I feel the greatest reward in doing what I love is found through educating others about the power of the body, helping them to get well and stay that way. Read more about Dr Luke

Jesse Johnson

Massage Therapist

I grew up on a farm in Southern NSW, where my family and I were almost self-sufficient. We rarely went to the doctors and when ill, where more likely to look for herbal remedies in Dorothy Hall books or see our local chiropractor. I had a few passions growing up, fitness and health, cooking and nutrition, horses, dirt bikes, training working dogs and rescuing animals. Most of these passions have continued with me throughout my life. Read more about Jesse

Theresa Hennessy Business ManagerTheresa Hennessy

Business Manager

Theresa was fortunate enough to have been raised in a Chiropractic family. Having received the many benefits of Chiropractic care all of her life she loves to share her health journey and is always up for a chat about it. Dr Luke and Theresa have been married for over 20 years and have four beautiful children. In Theresa’s spare time she loves to read anything that supports and enhances a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle for her family.


Sasha Domaschenz Practice ManagerSasha Domaschenz

Practice Manager

Sasha is passionate about the positive influence that health, fitness and well being has on her life, she loves travelling with her family and believes that optimal health will empower her to conquer the adventures on her bucket list. Sasha mainly works behind the scenes in administrative duties and assisting the Business Manager Theresa focusing on our framework for development both internally and externally within our community.


Justine Cropp, Chiropractic Assistant

Justine Cropp

Chiropractic Assistant

Justine’s mantra is to be happy, healthy and live life to the fullest. She embraces providing a welcoming experience to each and every patient and family visiting the clinic.

Emma Hennessy, Chiropractic AssistantEmma Hennessy

Chiropractic Assistant

Emma is studying at Queensland Academies of Health Sciences and works mainly from our Helensvale office on a Saturday. Being Luke and Theresa’s eldest daughter she lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle and knows inherently the amazing benefits that Chiropractic care has on her everyday life.

Emma is a true testament to the benefits of healthy living and Chiropractic care as she has still to this day never had to visit a General Practitioner for any health reason.


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