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Meet Dr Luke Hennessy

“I always had a real desire to help people; until I had a huge chat with my (now) brother-in-law way back when, I had no idea I would fulfill this desire by becoming a Chiropractor. He helped me think about what being healthy truly meant and how we can very easily take it for granted.”

Over the years, Dr Hennessy has often seen people come to see him after they have tried almost everything else and consequently spent too much time and money doing so.

Overcoming Personal Health Challenges

“During my Chiropractic training, I had some personal health challenges that led me to turn to Chiropractic as a means to regain my health. I was personally being faced by medical professionals scratching their heads and not knowing what to do to help me. In every case, it seemed the only solution was drugs and more drugs and I knew this was ultimately not helping me recover.”

Dr Hennessy decided to be well again. He trusted his Chiropractor and “followed to a T” his professional advice. He learned along the way that he needed to take responsibility for his health. “Although that was pretty scary I did it and it helped me become the Chiropractor I am today.”

Obtaining a Chiropractic Education

To prepare for his Chiropractic career, Dr Hennessy earned a Bachelor of Science (Major Anatomy) from Sydney University and a Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 1994.

In addition, he has taken all the professional registration requirements as well as continuing education courses in Chiropractic Ecology (Nutrient & Food Sensitivity Testing) and Craniosacral Therapy.

Providing a Listening Ear & Guidance

After many years of seeing thousands of patients, Dr Hennessy has come to recognise the pain someone might be experiencing the minute they walk through his door. “I might notice the way they tilt their head to one side, how they are unknowingly supporting a part of their body or sometimes it’s simply the instant they start to share their health experience with me.”

Dr Hennessy knows that patients often just need someone to listen. They need someone they can trust and who they know will give them honest opinions and professional guidance. “My experience tells me that too many times people have lost their ability to understand their own body and health and have become all too reliant on others to tell them what is good for them or what they need to do.”

Wanting Patients to Take Ownership of Their Health

Dr Hennessy wants people to take back ownership of their health. He wants to help them understand that they only get one body and that they have the right to make choices for their health.

“I see every patient in my practice as an individual who has a right to be their best self. I am not only interested in the part of their body that hurts but the whole person. My biggest reward as a Chiropractor is to witness my patients regain their health and truly enjoy living their life free from pain and illness.”

Dr Luke and wife

Enjoying Time With Family and Friends

Although Dr Hennessy’s first passion is health and Chiropractic he enjoys spending evenings with his family and often friends chatting over a good home-cooked meal and a nice bottle of wine.

“I come from an Irish heritage where we are known for our love for socialising, sharing a beer or two and having some good laughs and a bit of singing and dancing too.” For Dr Hennessy, he places family first and work second although sometimes in his life these two overlap.

“I love my wife and together watching our kids grow into amazing young adults. I enjoy some downtime by keeping up my visits to Bunnings so they don’t miss me too much and I’ll have a go at fixing just about anything!”

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