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The Key to Dropping Unwanted Kilos

There are two main considerations to think about when you’re trying to lose weight: your energy input and your energy output. The full picture of losing weight, however, isn’t quite that simple. Creating a calorie debt is key to making your body burn fat stores. Most of us are eating too much, particularly in the cooler months when we want to stay warmer. But we must also choose the right foods and the proper exercise to see the results we want.

A Balance of Cardiac and Strength Exercising

Green apple with measuring tape wrapped around itIn years past, it was thought that cardiac exercise was all that was needed to lose weight. We now know, however, that too much of it will put your body in crisis mode. As a result, you’ll have a slowed metabolism. Your body thinks it’s in crisis and becomes more sensitive to sugars, making it easier to put on weight.

You shouldn’t eliminate cardiac exercise, however. It should be balanced out with weight training. Research shows that you don’t need to do excessive weight training. A moderate level along with cardiac exercise like running, swimming, cycling or walking is ideal. The combination will burn calories, stimulate growth hormones and decrease your insulin sensitivity. You’ll be able to put on muscle, be stronger and reduce your body fat.

A Surprising Culprit of Weight Gain

Before high sugar and processed forms were the norm, it was rare to see people in their teens, 20s and 30s that were overweight. With the advent of these foods and the lack of physical activity, it’s become more common. Rather than counting calories to lose weight, consider reducing your fast-acting and hidden sugars. Think of what you put in your coffee, cutting down on soft drinks and avoiding white bread, pasta and rice. These carbohydrates can cause blood sugar spikes.

Many people have seen great success in turning to diets, paleo, keto, atkins, Intermittent fasting. Who cares what it is called. Look to eat a diet of healthy proteins, lots of green leafy vegetables and reasonable amounts of healthy fats.

If you have cut down on the sugars and are still struggling, it may mean your hormones are out of balance. If this is the case our kinesiology protocols can  help balance them by using diet in conjunction with herbs to help the liver (which is the link between the hormone and sugar systems) function better.

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