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Slumber Soundly With Elevated Sleep Therapy

Woman sleeping in cozy blue beddingIf you’ve ever wished you had the energy and vitality of a baby, you might want to work on your sleep habits. One of the key differences between babies and adults is that babies snooze when they’re tired however many adults don’t.

Getting enough deep REM sleep is essential for your body to heal and replenish itself. If you’re tossing and turning every night, Dr Hennessy talk with you about whether elevated sleep therapy may help.

The Importance of Fluid Circulation

The idea of elevated sleep therapy came from an engineer who observed that fluids stopped circulating inside plants when they were lying flat on the ground. As soon as those plants were put at an angle, the fluid transplant mechanisms worked properly. The elevated plants thrived and grew upwards, like they were supposed to. The plants were no longer working against gravity.

After studying the fluid movement patterns in the human body, the engineer concluded that lying flat in bed causes the lymphatic system to stagnate. Slightly elevating the bed or your sleep position can restore the flow of the lymphatic system, reducing inflammation in the body. We need our lymphatic system working for us while we sleep in order to eliminate toxins.

Who Can Benefit from Elevated Sleep Therapy

Elevated sleep therapy may help people who sleep poorly, snore or wake up with hip pain or low back pain. It can also benefit patients with a wide range of chronic health problems.

Dr Hennessy will evaluate your condition to determine whether this approach might be right for you. At Family Health Professionals Helensvale, we look into every factor that may contribute to slumber problems, including diet, serotonin levels, posture, pillow quality and more. Dr Hennessy will then help you design a customised solution to improve your health.

It’s Time to Prioritise Your Rest

Simple approaches to altering the setup of your bed could be the difference between chronic dysfunction and maximum health. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we may help you get the rest you deserve.


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