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Headache Treatment in Helensvale

woman at home hand on headMost people suffering from chronic headaches have upper neck problems. The upper spine is prone to imbalances, leading to nerve irritation. Structural problems are the most common cause of headaches—which makes chiropractic care an ideal solution for most patients.

Looking at the Complete Picture of Pain

We’ll start with a careful neurological screening to rule out any higher-order conditions in the brain. Once we’ve verified that you’re facing a problem that chiropractic may help, Dr Hennessy (Chiropractor) will assess what factors are contributing to pain.

Headaches aren’t just debilitating. They can also be challenging to figure out, as there may be several sources of pain. It’s a mystery why some people tend to be headache sufferers, while others with the same neck dysfunction will feel completely different symptoms, like pins and needles or pain elsewhere in the body.

At Family Health Professionals Helensvale, we provide exceptional adjustments while also looking at your diet, hydration, blood sugar, thyroid function, and hormones. We’ll tie in kinesiology to ask the body what additional imbalances may be causing an inflammatory response so we can build a holistic solution for pain.

Responding to Posture and Inflammation

Structural issues leading to headaches may involve the neck and jaw. Stress can also play a huge role, as can the tech neck position that happens when people stick their heads forward while staring at screens.

Amongst a number of techniques Dr Hennessy uses at Family Health Professionals Helensvale is the very gentle Craniosacral Therapy. These techniques may give relief to headache sufferers and when combined with cranial massage, may help restore the natural rhythms of the cerebrospinal fluids, hence breaking the cycle of pain.

Committing to the Process of Change

It takes time to retrain your body from spine problems. You wouldn’t go to the gym on Friday because you’re getting married on Saturday and want to look great in your suit or dress. Reaching a fitness goal requires several months and a strong sense of commitment. As your body becomes stronger, you might need to go to the gym just once a week to maintain that level of fitness.

Imagine a headache like an alarm bell going off. Pain is the body’s way of telling you it needs help. By the time a physical problem presents as pain, you’ve been living with a pattern of dysfunction for quite some time.

It takes time to retrain spinal issues within the body to overcome often harmful patterns that have developed over time. In most cases, issues have not occurred overnight and therefore a commitment to changing old habits is a key part of your recovery.

Those people who commit to take on a holistic health view are the ones who generally see better results.

Put an End to Pain Today

Dr Hennessy believes that no one should have to live in constant pain and discomfort. Schedule your appointment now.

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