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4 Things to Do at Home to Combat Tech Neck

stretching at deskNeck pain, headaches, tension or shoulder pain usually come from looking down too much at your device. While digital devices are here to stay, you can still enjoy your screen time. Let’s just learn how to do it smarter.

“When it comes to tech neck the primary thing is that we need to retrain the brain stem to switch on different muscle groups to power up the body more efficiently,” said Dr Luke Hennessy (Chiropractor).

Dr Hennessy offers some tips to combat tech neck:

Make Postural Changes

Dr Hennessy recommends some postural change and shows you how to become aware of your posture. “I try to get patients to both release and disengage their pectoral muscles. We use our pectoral muscles so much in daily life. When our hands are in front of our bodies our pectoral muscles are holding us and when they contract, our shoulders roll forward,” said Dr Hennessy.

Set Your Workstation Smart

From a home office point of view, Dr Hennessy recommends that most people need to raise their screen height up and tilt their chair forward. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor. If you frequently talk on the phone during your workday while typing simultaneously, place your phone on speaker or use a headset instead of cradling the phone between your head and neck.

Engage in Exercise

Dr Hennessy shows patients how to hold their head correctly while on their devices. He also gives exercises to learn how to walk with good posture. We have a 15-18-minute exercise routine consisting of 13 helpful exercises that switch on the core muscles in the body. This routine focuses on fatigue in the muscles versus muscle tearing. To access this exercise routine, contact us today.

Limit Screen Time

While it can be hard for many people to detach from their devices, it’s important to do so. Set a limit on your phone time and take frequent breaks. Doing so will help you realise how much time you spend looking at your phone. Even cutting your daily screen time by an hour gives your neck a break and can free up time to do other things you love in life.

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