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Dr. Luke Hennessy

Helensvale Chiropractor
Gives Holistic Care

Feel Your Best at Family Health Professionals Helensvale

Would you like to restore your health? At Family Health Professionals Helensvale, our professional, caring team is ready to help you through a holistic approach to health care.

Helensvale chiropractor, Dr Luke Hennessy works to understand the cause of your health concern or the source of your pain. A plan customised to your body’s needs and your comfort is just what you’ll need to start feeling your best, so you can live a vibrant life!

Dr. Luke Hennessy - Family Health Professionals Helensvale, Helensvale

Helping You Find Wellness

Our aim is to find the cause and free you from your pain and then keep you out of pain living a healthy pain-free life. Once we find what is causing your pain, we explain what needs to be done, how long it’s going to take and how much it will cost. Your comfort is always at the forefront of what we do. Dr Hennessy’s depth of knowledge and years of experience have allowed him to master a range of techniques that will be used according to your individual needs.

Thoroughly Addressing Your Needs

At Family Health Professionals Helensvale, our care starts with a comprehensive examination, so we can understand exactly how to help you. Our assessment involves clear, concise explanations every step of the way so that you feel comfortable proceeding with care.

You’ll have a full understanding of:

  • If we can help you
  • What’s causing your problem
  • What we can do to alleviate the problem
  • How long treatment will take
  • What costs will be involved
  • Solutions for Powerful Healing

Dr Hennessy’s years of experience and our knowledgeable, friendly staff will put you at ease, so you can relax knowing you’re in the right place.

Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy in Helensvale

Dr Hennessy offers a huge range of techniques that can be applied to suit your personal needs as well as Cranio Sacral Therapy, Chiropractic Ecology Testing (nutrient & allergy test), Kinesiology, Activator and many others. We also have an experienced Massage Therapist who works closely with Dr Hennessy to compliment and assist your Chiropractic care if necessary. Our Massage Therapist also uses Kinesiology techniques and has a broad knowledge of Chiropractic. Please click on Massage Therapy in our menu.

Find out how chiropractic care may help you lead an active, energetic life. Contact our practice today!


The Family Health Professionals Helensvale Approach

How it can change your life.

Dr Hennessy has been a Chiropractor for over 20 years and so with his experience he knows the right techniques that will be most effective for you. His techniques range from manual or traditional techniques such as Diversified and Gonstead, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Chiropractic Ecology. This means that no matter what your body condition may be Dr Hennessy will be able to deliver the care that is right for you in order to achieve maximum health benefits using one or more of these techniques to best suit you. In addition to these, Dr Hennessy uses non manipulative or gentle techniques such as Activator, Craniosacral Therapy or Thompson drop piece. He is also able to use a variety of muscle release techniques and nutrient testing with the kinesiology based Chiropractic Ecology.

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