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Neck Pain Care in Helensvale

back view of neck painGiven the many hours people spend with a forward posture looking at their phones, tablets or other devices, it’s no wonder they experience the modern malady known as “tech neck,” . The term “tech neck” references problems specifically around the base of the neck and into the shoulders due to the hunched over position many people have when looking at their device.

“If we don’t use our core correctly the anterior muscles around the pectoral muscles drive the mechanics of the entire cervical spine (neck) and upper back region and pull it forward,” said Dr Hennessy (Chiropractor). The result is tech neck. The head sits forward instead of central to the body which can lead to many chronic issues if not addressed..

The Importance of Posture

The first piece of homework Dr Hennessy gives his patients is to work on their posture. “One of the big things that we’re doing is continually fighting against gravity,” he says. That’s why teaching people the correct posture and how to use their core to maintain that posture is vital.

Our Approach

One way Dr Hennessy addresses neck pain is with soft tissue releases. Dr Hennessy uses many alternative techniques that do not require manual adjusting.

“I will often have patients suffering with arthritis or disc issues and it is important to use more gentle techniques.”

Dr Hennessy has three decades of experience and is able to tailor his approach according to each patients’ needs. Dr Hennessy uses a diverse range of techniques and when addressing more intense issues he will often use Activator method, drop piece and/or Craniosacral Therapy. These techniques very gently release the meninges of the spine (the coverage of the spinal cord) and allows tension to fall away. You can learn more about specific techniques under the services tab on our website.

Assessing Jaw Function

Did you know that one thing often overlooked with neck pain is jaw function? That’s why whenever a patient has either acute or chronic pain, Dr Hennessy will check the jaw to ensure it is functioning correctly.

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