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Jesse Johnson

Massage Therapist

I grew up on a farm in Southern NSW, where my family and I were almost self-sufficient. Jesse massage therapistWe rarely went to the doctors and when ill, where more likely to look for herbal remedies in Dorothy Hall books or see our local chiropractor. I had a few passions growing up, fitness and health, cooking and nutrition, horses, dirt bikes, training working dogs and rescuing animals. Most of these passions have continued with me throughout my life.

Positive Health Benefits

When I was in my late 20s while working on the family property I began a correspondence course in Naturopathy. It was while studying Naturopathy that I was first introduced to massage. It was an amazing discovery for me, having suffered a lot of farm injuries, I was amazed and excited by the positive health benefits that I experienced from massage. I decided that I would like to explore this avenue more deeply, so that not only could I help myself but others also, this was the beginning of my passion for body work.

A Range of Techniques

I was 28 when I left for California to a place called Esalen Institute to delve deeper into different styles of massage. I lived at Esalen for almost 2 years learning as much as I could about massage before moving on to San Francisco to open a massage practice of my own. Having studied numerous different massage modalities, my technique can be described as a mixture of Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu and Sport/Deep Tissue. I assess each individual and use the technique/s and method that best suits each individual at the time. I lived and worked in San Francisco as a Massage Therapist for over 17 years. I took up rollerblading and mountain biking in my spare time and had my beautiful daughter Olivia, who is now 17.

Passionate About Health

I returned to Australia with my daughter to live a few years ago. I am still just as passionate about exercise, health, nutrition, cooking and rescuing animals as I was as a teenager.
I feel very lucky to have landed in such a beautiful area of Australia and to have a job that I love doing and am passionate about. Working at the Family Health Professionals Helensvale alongside Luke is a combination for achieving amazing whole health results. I am looking forward to contributing to help patients achieve a higher level of wellbeing.


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