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Meet Dr Noushin (Noush) Hakimian


Dr Noushin Hakimian chiropractorDr Noush’s passion for chiropractic stems from a desire to serve others. Dr Noush wanted a career where she could help people and make a change to their lives. “I believe that the work we do reflects who we are and we should choose a profession that allows us to serve humanity, which is one of the reasons why I chose chiropractic.”

“What interested me most about chiropractic was its philosophy and the belief that the body has a natural ability to heal itself, the holistic approach to care and the focus on prevention rather than crisis management.”

As a child, Dr Noush was taught about the power of the body to heal itself by her mother. Her mother often spoke about being your ‘own doctor’ and avoiding prescription drugs and medicine where possible, and treated her children with natural medicines whenever they were sick. Dr Noush believes it was because of this that her sister and herself were barely ever sick as kids.

I like to celebrate healing miracles with my patients and help to educate and empower them to take control of their own, and their families’ health.  I believe that true happiness comes from within, and the satisfaction we get from making a difference in someone else’s life brings us joy like nothing else.

Education and Professional Development

Before obtaining a Master of Clinical Chiropractic from RMIT University, Bundoora VIC in 2007, Dr Noush earned a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) from Monash University, Clayton VIC in 2003. She also takes ongoing professional development courses to stay abreast of the latest in chiropractic.

Outside the Practice

When she’s not caring for patients at Family Health Professionals Helensvale, Dr Noush enjoys reading, exercising and spending time with family and friends. She loves interacting with and meeting people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, and especially loves children.

I believe life is about constantly learning and adapting, that each tomorrow should be better than our yesterday and that we get out of life what we put into it.

Discover for yourself the natural effects of chiropractic care. Contact our Helensvale practice today to book an appointment with Dr Noush.


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